Saturday, May 26, 2012


I have so many pictures in my mind of what my apartment and yard could look like if my body could do its part.

The dresses at left gained popularity in the 1960s. On two news programs today, the anchors wore variations of this dress.

Gray skies and a cool wind mark this Memorial Day weekend much like the holiday in the past. The Junior League used to sponsor a three-day festival over Memorial Day. Various charities operated booths at the event. Up and coming musicians played the three stages. Funfest had areas set aside for children. Funfest brought success and rain. Invariably precipitation visited the event at least one of the days but participants did not seem to mind.

Momo just escaped onto the patio and before I could grab him, he snagged baby bird that had apparently fallen on the porch. I grabbed a paper towel and ran after Momo who had taken the bird to the living room, Pogo in hot pursuit. I took the baby and  put it in the grass away from the door. I do not know if it lived. Now I know why that adult bird kept yelling and looking at the patio this morning.

I overdid yesterday and now I am waiting to do my next Tyvaso treatment before I head back to bed for my first nap of the day. 

Later, Dude.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

You don't need a weatherman ...

One of my local TV stations offers an early morning program featuring a newswoman and a weatherman. The weatherman does a great job with the weather, but he lacks skills as a interviewer/chitchatter. Each time I watched the show the weatherman reminded me of someone but I could not figure out who. I finally decided the weatherman has many traits of Stan Laurel (See link above.) 

My boys love the vacuum box. Like a child with a tent, the boys take nap time in the shelter. After awhile the newness wears off, and I set the box upright near the door. Momo wanted in the box. He stood on his hind legs and his front paws barely reached the top of the box. He tried and tried to pull the box over. When that did not work, he hopped on the cat tree and tried to pull the box over again. This procedure only partially succeeded; the box got stuck at an angle between the tree and the old vacuum. He walked around the box and looked at it from all sides. He tried to pull the box on over, but it would not go. He climbed back on the tree and pulled. The box moved some more. He jumped off the tree and finally the box fell. He went inside for a few minutes, then walked away, satisfied he beat the box today.

 My shedding of hair continues. *sigh*

Later, Dude.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

'Til I gain control

Doc says I left wheeze and crackle behind, for awhile anyway. He said I really need a statin-drug, so I am going to try one-half a 5 mg tablet of Crestor on MWF. He said if my muscles and joints start to ache again, to quit. He gave me enough samples to last until my next appointment. In turn I gave him extra meds I had to help those who need some help. He gave one of them to the man in the next room.

The nurse did not make me weigh today. She did do the blood pressure and pulse ox. The o2 finally reached 91 after I sat and talked a bit. The heart rate was near 100. The other doctor in the office took off as well as the scheduler, so I got full attention from the nurse. All in all a good visit. I go back in August.

A junk food binge like no other plagues me. I went crazy at the store with sweets. Now I plan a fast food expedition. My apartment sits near a junk food crossroads: less than five minutes to any place offering fare for any hankering. Want a Route 44 from Sonic? No problem? Taco Tuesday? Touche. Pizza? Plenty of possibilities. Most of the time I can ignore the come hither messages of the billboards. Not the past week. How long after taking prednisone does your body think it needs extra fuel?  Which brings this song to mind:

I will conclude this now so I can beat the intolerant heat of high 90s.

Miss you, Dude. Laters.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Small post

I bought some bulbs to plant during my marathon shopping expedition today at Wallyworld. All the bedding plants looked like an inexperienced worker forgot to water them. Others failed the wind test, the flowers limp and torn. I bought food, too, including way too many sweets and not nearly enough of the healthy stuff. Chocolate rates as healthy, right? Celery crunches as do cookies? Does chocolate make the choice of cookies any less devastating?

Chelsea won the Champs League, Dude!!


Friday, May 18, 2012


I thought about you and soccer today. Maybe because Euro play will kick off soon.

I began to love soccer by tagging along with my godsons when they learned to play at age 4. I learned much more than the average person knows about the rules and finer points of play. I love to watch a match between teams that play with finesse. Barcelona comes to mind. Thanks for the introduction.

Your love of soccer developed because of the numbers. You did not know much of the heart but you could pick the players. Eventually, you got attached.

Funny how the world works. I still miss getting up early to watch a match.

Laters, Dude.

Thursday, May 17, 2012


I slept almost 24 hours. During the night, I had dreams of rejection by former colleagues.

Yesterday the apartment owner ordered a worker to cut down my tree. I felt as if he had ordered the execution of a friend. I blew a gasket. I called the manager and let all the anger and frustration blast him. Every little problem about the apartment came out of me like projectile vomit. I told him I had lived in this apartment since 1999 and had called twice to fix something. I always pay my rent on time and never give him any trouble. I told him I tried to make my yard livable and nice and am rewarded by removing my tree.

I hung up and began to stew. I called again, apologized and the tirade began anew.

I finally cooled down after I decided to take an extra Xanax. I would love to move into a small house behind a larger house.

I miss you, Dude.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

This or that?

Another EPL season gone. I think the guys did not participate as fully as they should have. I almost beat the fantasy league champion. He nosed me out the final week.

I grow weary of all the cross-promotion on TV. The sports channels now share the greedy, big business plan with the major networks.

I worry about our country. Do we really want four or five companies controlling every aspect of our lives? Greed does not usually lead to philanthropy.

Google the question "Why does God let us suffer?" Responses line the screen, but none offers reasons which seem logical to me. One choice was because God wants us to like him. You like God because he lets you lie in a bed, eaten alive with cancer and in so much pain you want to die? To contrast this life with heaven? I do not know the answer; I am not sure anyone does.

I am addicted to dry roasted peanuts. My ankles look good, so bring on the nuts.

I am amazed how quickly grass grows after a rainfall.

 The boys appreciate the smells and sights of spring more than say winter.

I love you all. I miss you, Dude.


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Just me

Using others as a standard, I have no life. I leave my apartment once a week, maybe. I do little around the apartment. I do not watch TV, other than shows which loop during the day. I do not feel sorry for myself, just stating facts.

Last weekend of EPL, Dude. I miss you.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


I wonder who creates categories for statistics. For instance, the number of playoff home games lost in the afternoon. I mean really, who cares? Does a book exist with all this information? Who spends time compiling this stuff? If you wager on sporting events, then perhaps some of the details might help you with your bet.

I took some time away from FB. Sickness kept me away for a few days,  then the elements conspired to kill my phone/internet service.

Later, Dude.