Thursday, January 17, 2013


Reader beware: I am stepping on my soapbox again.

I am up to my ears with the Lance Armstrong story, and the man, too. Just like a mom who threatens her child with punishment but fails to carry through, the cycling gurus shout, "Ban for life," then say well maybe for eight years with a confession. Hey guys, you banned him. Maybe by carrying through a punishment, others will think twice about riding down that path.

The Te'o story illustrates how in today's world, someone will believe anything no matter how ludicrous. The  fraud perpetuated on the athlete from Notre Dame does not surprise me. I saw a similar scam befall a friend. Yes, people do spend enormous amounts of time constructing and implementing these hoaxes. Why? Many reasons but those reasons do not change the outcome: the innocent and good become victims of their natures.

While I am up here, I would also like to fire a salvo at robocalls. I wish while our lawmakers toil over weighty issues, they would consider the death penalty for those companies unleashing barrages of calls relentlessly. This proves the zombie apocalypse does exist. Nothing kills these pests.

Miss you Dude.


Tuesday, January 15, 2013


You wonder why the world appears such a mess? The following illustrates at least one reason. As the TV show once began, "only the names have been changed to protect the innocent."

K excels in school. He began his education at one of the city's best schools. He will graduate and go on to college. He works at those retail jobs available to teens.

K's mother married a man who fathered 10 children by several women. K and one sibling resulted from this marriage. K's father broke the law and now resides in prison.

K's mother divorced and moved. A relative's murder caused another move. K's mother married a man with a couple of children, one of whom lives with them.

One of K's siblings got pregnant and though she will not marry the man, she becomes another baby mama for a man who has four baby mamas already.

A member of K's family victimizes a tiny relative. Sometimes K's mother gets falling down drunk.

I know many of us want to shut our eyes and hope situations like this go away or pretend they never happen in the first place. Not my family therefore not my problem. Everyone owns this problem.

Love you Dude.