Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Mind failure

In my head, I make fun of my friend who cannot seem to remember from one minute to the next. *"Instant Karma" plays in the background.* I realize yesterday I had the date of my doctor's appointment right, but the day of the week wrong. I remind her each time we talk when my appointment hits. I tell her wrong the whole time. I join the mind failure club.

The big dig out begins for my EPL fantasy team. Go Lamps, I need your legs.

The do not want to's plague me now. Include in that list of do not want to's: eat, clean, watch TV, sleep or any of the other fun things I use to fill my days. Henri le Chat Noir cannot hold a candle in the ennui department.

Today the names of 28 farmworkers who died in a 1948 plane crash over Los Gatos Canyon were revealed. A journalist spent many, many hours finding the names of the victims. In a ceremony, a priest celebrated Mass. Better late than never.