Monday, April 7, 2014

When you're strange

Photo: Happy Birthday Robert Bloch!!!!

Photo via Weird Tales Magazine

You may be watching television or staring out the window. Without warning, a tsunami of guilt washes over you. You feel bad that you did not live up to expectations -- your's and others'. 

Your home offers familiarity, which comforts you. At home, you do not have to ... anything. If you do not go out, you do not have to face others and their judgmental eyes. You do not have to pretend you feel great and love your life.

Feelings of hopelessness pervade every minute of every day. To banish these thoughts, you sleep and sleep and sleep. You have no energy, not even to cook. Crackers, nuts and ice cream bars are mainstays of your diet. 

Everyone else has lives; you are worthless. 

Just one person can make a difference. Could it be you?