Friday, August 5, 2016

That's what friends are for

I had a friend who I met on the internet several years ago. We had a lot in common. We could talk about most anything, although I later learned he was the talented one who knew endless facts about any subject you could name. We were both homebound because of incurable diseases.

We knew each other for a relatively short time before he died.
Through a letter I wrote to his parents, I got to know a tiny bit about where my friend came from. I continued to write and gained another friend. Just like throwing a rock in a pond which cases ripples, you never know where your actions will take you.
Don't be afraid to take that first step. Your life just might change.

Sometimes I wish I could move through life without the weight of anxiety and depression to hold me back. Some people think you can choose to be happy and live your life la ti dah. Don't you think I would choose to be happy and carefree if I had control. Really, no one wants to sit all day long and count your mistakes. No one enjoys having no energy or desire to do things. The dark cloud that hangs over your head may seem invisible to others but it is quite real to you.

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