Saturday, October 27, 2012

Another anniversary

I sense I overstayed my welcome. In fact, I probably misread the whole situation from the beginning. I do that sometimes. No matter. You know what "they" say, water under the bridge, etc., etc.

A couple of days ago, I spent a couple of hours paring my FB friends list. I cut more than 200 people I friended and with whom I never interacted. I plan to give the remaining friends some time. I cannot say I felt lighter or relieved after the culling, but I no longer have so many memes in my feed. I have lost many friends the past almost four years. When more than half your friends have chronic illnesses, you learn to deal in your own way with another death.

I have little to say.

Later, dude.

Another year

I am missing you.


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Just an average Joe

A couple of friends and I decided to try the latest and third in a series of  "Joe" restaurants. We went early on Friday for lunch.

The first Joe offers Italian and fine dining, the second one Mexican.

The owners transformed the latest Joe from a wide open, cement and steel facility, which formerly housed a Mexican restaurant. The transformation fell short. Much like the new eatery's menu, the decor seems a hodgepodge, none of which goes together.

All of us selected a BLT with fries. Of the other items on the menu, I only remember a hamburger. A table of six red hat ladies (minus the red hats) behind us ordered salads. Two portly men at the table beside us ordered some sort of appetizer and then had burgers and fries.

To its credit, this Joe's service rated high. The waitress came by just the right amount of times. We ran out of ketchup, which means no one checked the condiments at the tables before opening, but the staff brought us a new bottle with a smile.

The BLT ranked as average or below. Nothing special there. Nor with the fries. How hard can it be to cut their own rather than use frozen ones?

Bottom line: this is an average Joe restaurant and not one that you say to yourself, "Oh gosh, let's go there for lunch."

This Joe lacks a signature like the other two. Hopefully the owners will work out a more cohesive menu and find a way to warm up the atmosphere.

* * *

We recently tried a new Italian restaurant in a space that used to house a oriental eatery. The food and atmosphere reminded me of an Italian restaurant downtown. Pizza crust dipping bread and marinara sauce came before the meal. The shrimp fettuccine probably had been frozen and as a consequence was watery. This restaurant earned another chance sometime, but does not fall into the "must go there" category.


Miss you dude.


Thursday, October 4, 2012

The pact

A couple of  guests moved in, one a few months ago, the other not long ago.

When I noticed the first one, I mentally called a truce. If she would leave me alone, I would do likewise. We lived amicably. We would see each other occasionally and I reinforced the terms of our truce.

The next stranger sashayed in through an open door. He hung about until he grew bold enough to enter. He crept around orienting himself and then disappeared. I offered him a clear path out the door, he declined. I then offered him the same pact as I did her.

Everyone lived by the terms of the agreement until yesterday when I caught her drinking water from a spill in the middle of the kitchen floor. She had broken our truce. I promised she could live here if she remained unseen. In return, I would not banish her.

Should I give her (and as a consequence him) another chance or should I declare war?

Miss you, Dude.